Bungee Pupee Pet Walker No Tangle Leash for Two Dogs each to 45 lbs

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Bungee Style Leash for TWO dogs up to 45 lbs each dog: Double or Two Ply Bungee Cords for dogs up to 45 lbs. Unique Swivel joint Hand Grip attachment point. Normal set up is one color combination per leash. Optional, at no addditional cost is two different color combinations for each leash

These high-quality leashes are made from bungee cord so they "give" when your dog pulls ahead of you or lunges suddenly. The shock is absorbed by the bungee so no more whiplash for either of you. Plus, the tension on the bungee brings the dog back to your side with just a gentle pull - as the bungee is doing all the work for you.

Bungee Puppee teaches not to pull

Bungee Pupees take the whiplash out of walking your dog & actually teaches your dog not to pull!

We've been selling these direct to customers at agility trials and all I can say is - almost everybody with a pulling dog has bought one from us.

People come up to us and tell us how much they still love their Bungee Puppee or bring a friend over to our booth so they can get one too. In other words, they really work.

This is a video of one of our Pit Bull friends (since Petey & Tony aren't much of a test). We had someone leave her and call her. We could hardly believe it when she lunged and the handler easily maintained their footing. Then with only a tiny pull of the lead, she sprung right back to the handler's side.

Bungee Puppee

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Helpful Note: Dog walking accessories decorate entire walls of pet supply stores. How do you know whether to select a buckle collar, nylon or chain training (choke) collar, prong collar, regular harness, no-pull harness, or the Bun-Gee Pup-EE? And should you accompany that with a four-foot or six-foot lead? What about retractable leads? To the innocent observer, this enormous variety of walking supplies indicates how challenging it is for many people to take a simple stroll with their dogs. Unless you are working closely with a dog trainer or behaviorist, or are quite experienced, training (choke-type) and prong collars are a poor idea.

To the inexperienced person, such devices (especially training collars) are difficult to use and often serve little purpose. If your dog is enrolled in a puppy kindergarten or dog obedience class, your teacher will help you choose the collar best suited to your particular dog and his walking habits. The most owner-friendly accessory for the untrained dog is the Bun-Gee Pup-EE. Once a dog is accustomed to wearing it, he will generally walk without pulling but if he does pull, the leash is sure to add comfort to both you and your pet. And, thankfully, they are humane and easy to use.


Hello Helping Udders, Just wanted to let you know I received all of my order and I love it all, ESPECIALLY the Bun-Gee dog leash. I have a 100 lb.Lab/Dane mix, Tobi, that pulls like heck, the strongest dog I believe I have seen and with doing rescue, I've seen plenty! I'm happy to say that now I can finally handle him with this leash, and not have to have my husband assistance (he has Degenerative Disk Disease and just received a pain block). Tobi pulled me down just this past week, I reinjured my neck (a ruptured disk from an accident last year) and this time I also received a CONCUSSION from the Tobi knocking me pulling me down while using a regular leash. I used the Bun-Gee expandable dog leash today, NO Jerks, no pullls, and best yet, no knocking me off my feet. I LOVE IT and I do not feel it hurts him, even with the prong collar I have to use. - L..... A....., Pres. Love of Labs, IN

Comments: As a professional trainer, I was really skeptical, but the Bungee arrived yesterday WOW! Instant success! No person owned by a dog should be without a Puppee Bungee! Even the most well behaved dog may have a moment where there is something more interesting than just walking with their person comes along and they are intent on following. As a trainer, I find it great for being able to reinforce the "good" behavior the Bungee encourages and find it's safety factor critical for students who finally seek out a trainer AFTER they've been pulled down the street and/or are injured.

Comments: I received my leash in the mail today. It works GREAT! We call our dogs "little beasties"....;-) However, the leash has made our lives easier. Our apartment complex allows dogs, but you have to walk them off of the property for a "bathroom experience". So, we were OFTEN dragged down three flights of stairs, dragged through the parking lot, and dragged down the street. The only time we weren't dragged was when we were dragging THEM home. I almost felt as though I could cancel my membership to the gym. We love our dogs. They are our children, and we go to great lengths to make sure they have everything they could ever need, want, or desire. However, your leashes have given us what we needed.....A BREAK! They have worked better than we expected. It has definitely been money well spent.