Chilly Pup Cool Vest - RPCM - Black

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Manufacturer: Glacier Tek, Inc.
Category: Cooling Vests

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Color: Black
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Chilly Pup Cooling Vest provides active cooling for smaller dogs to prevent heat exhaustion.

ABSOLUTELY SAFE. This revolutionary K-9 cooling product maintains a constant 59°F for up to 2.5 hours in 100 degree temperatures and recharges in minutes. Originally created for Military Working Dogs, Law Enforcement, Search and Rescue and any other hot climate or envirnment application.

The vest wraps your dog's ventral abdomen with the RPCM cooling packs which maintain a constant 59°F absorbing dangerous heat away from your dog.

Two-way adjustment for best fit possible Lasts up to 2.5 hours in a 100° F. Recharges in ice water in about 20 minutes or in a refrigerator in 30 minutes.

Designed to fit comfortably and allow FREEDOM of movement, including walking, jogging, sitting, lying, and pottying. Two piece Extender Strap set, optional but available will add 4" of additional room arround the dog's chest.

This vest is lighter than cooling vests that rely on crystals that absorb water. Plus, nothing gets wet! Additional Chilly Oup Cooling Packs are available. Change cooling packs without removing the harness. Contains NO hazardous ingredients, which means that the cooling formula is harmless if accidentally ingested or enters the blood stream. Also see our Chilly Dog for large dogs.

ChillyPup Sizing for dogs up to 50 lbs

The ChillyPup is designed to fit smaller to medium dogs like Border Collies, Aussies, Spaniels, and breeds like Bulldogs that have a shorter torso.

Chest Girth: The circumference around the largest part of the dog's chest. This is the most critical measurement. This part of the vest adjusts from 20" to 32". Chances are if your dog is less than 20" around, the vest will be too long for him.

Length: The ChillyPup is 6 inches long, 3 inches shorter in length than the ChillyDog. Your female dog should be at least 8 inches between her front legs and her back legs to avoid rubbing. Your male dog should be at even longer. The yoke is adjustable as well. The rear strap adjusts from 20” to 28”