Udder Tugs

Cooling Vest Testimonials

Over the years, we received hundreds of messages from our soldier/handlers who are using the Cooling Vests you have helped donate to the troops. Here is a small sampling of them without personal or military identifications. We applaud and continue to support these dedicated men and women of our Armed Forces who are and have served our country around the world.

Helping Udders thank you so much for thecooling vest! I think that it's wonderful that you and the Soldiers' Angels work together to help all of us out. It took Beny a few times to get used to the vest, but now its second skin to him. I love the fact that I can take the ice packs out and put them in just cold water and they will freeze up again. That helps out so much, especially being out all night. A big plus is that Ben LOVES that toy. Hahaha..he runs around with it trying to chew it to bits and pieces and it's still in one piece! Thank you again for all of your support for us and with the Soldiers' Angels! You are truly a blessing. I hope you are able to open the pics of Beny with his vest on..if not please let me know and I will try sending them back again!

JB. and MWD Beny!!!!

Hi Helping Udders,
I am sure you are familiar with my base. This is the base that ultimately airevacs our soldiers out of the country. If you have a pulse, you have a 99% chance of survival. You have probably seen articles or videos/interviews with folks that have come through our facility our staff that have worked @ the hospital. We care for Iraqi's and all military branches. We have over 8000 members stationed here.

Air Force and Army work together. There are 5 dogs in the Kennel. The Sergeant is in charge during the day already has a cooling vest for his dog and he relates Chay loves it.

I am a nurse with the Air Force and compared to the last time I was here, 1.5 years ago, there is a marked decline in the traumas we see here. A very good thing for all. 

Give Petey and Tony hugs and kisses,
AF Nurse L


Faro is strutting his vest, boots, and Doggles!!!   Now the other handlers are jealous and want their own.   With new handlers in and the old ones gone...we are again in need for more boots, vests and Doggles. 
Snacks are always good to go!!!  Thank you all for your support again!!!

After Erica's Kennel Received their vests:

To: orders@helpingudders.com

Subject: Thanks!
Hey there. I just wanted to drop you a quick line. Thanks for all of your help and remembering us when you send out your donations. We really appreciate it. And I speak for every single one of my handlers and working dogs when I say that. I sent the vests to my outlying FOBs and I told them where they came from and my guys were speechless. It's just so nice to know that people haven't forgotten about us over here. When we see some of the things that we do, and we go a little while without talking to friends and family back home, it's easy to see how disconnected we are from our family and the very country we fight so hard to keep free. I just want you to know that I truly appreciate your help. I'm nearing the end of my tour here, but I have told ALL my handlers about your website.

I sent a little note to all the email addresses that you sent with the vests. You had a line on there saying to send any messages to both emails and the only other one on there was yours. So you got copy of my messages as well. I would have sent pictures, but we are super limited with the bandwidth thing (I don't understand why or what, I just know that I can't!). Maybe when I get back to Germany I can send some pictures of some of the stuff we did during my tour. I'll remember to do that.

Again, thanks for everything. Take care.


Yes, I'm a MWD handler.  My dog's name is Hena.  We're deployed right now, but I'll see if this computer will let me upload a photo (you know I always have one on me!).  A friend of mine gave me a toy that your company makes and Hena absolutely loves it.  More than anything else!  I can hardly get it back from her most of the time.

Hena and I have been together for about 9 months now.  This is our first deployment working together, but we were both in Kosovo last year just with another dog and handler.  Our kennels here are good.  I'm the kennel master and I have a total of 9 teams including myself.  I chose your toys because I know they're durable.  We have people send us chewy toys or small rope toys but I think they forget that we have big dogs that chew on things for a living. 

I don't expect you to refund my money, but if you insist, I would rather you take that money as a donation.  I know of your company and what you do for handlers.  I greatly appreciate it.  I hope the picture gets to you.  Thank you again.  Hena looks forward to the toys!  Also, if you have any other questions, just shoot 'em my way.  Take care.

SSG E.K. and MWD Hena


My name is J---- B------, i am currently deployed to Afghanistan. I received a package some time ago containing a cool vest and your special tug toy. I want to apologize that it has taken so long for my reply. First i want to say that i had the pleasure of meeting Kory while i was attending the SSD course after his. It was defiantly a sad day to hear that one of our own had passed. I truly appreciate you and your friends taking the time to take care of my SSD Coffee. Coffee is a female chocolate lab who enjoys working. We spend our days trying to save lives and make an impact for the soldiers over here. By sending us this vest you have given us that little extra time working that we might need to make sure our friends and loved ones make it home alive. I also thank you for the Udder Tug, Coffee loves it. Once again i am sorry it took so long to reply. Thank you once again for all your support.


J---- B------t

Dog's from Chuck S's unit with the boxes of vests we sent.

Thanks again from Gabe, Lewis and Beny....
They send their thanks and slobbers - Chuck and crew in Iraq