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#1 Selling Dog Toy for Christmas, Gifts and Other Occasions.

Before you invest money in a dog toy that your dog will not love, take a look at Helping Udders #1 best-selling dog toy from last year, the Udder Tug.

The Udder Tug is a dog toy made from recycled rubber liners used in machines to milk real cows. Contact with the cows leaves an irresistible cow-smell that dogs love. Think Eau de Bovine (a smell that is inoffensive to humans). Helping Udders' Udder Tugs are unlike other similar products from other companies that sell unused products which smell like, well, rubber.

Gail says "I can't tell you how much the Udder Tug has made a difference with my rescue border collie! He didn't know what toys were when I adopted him a year ago, and I spent a small fortune trying different toys to tempt him. It took some work, but 'Black Thing' (your Udder Tug) is his favorite toy now. He fetches, tugs, and plays Attack 'Black Thing' with wild enthusiasm....it's so heartening to see in a young dog who was afraid of people and ignored toys one year ago. I can't thank you enough!"

Jane says of her Golden Retriever— "Kansas' Udder Tug is his #1 ring-side tug toy—nothing, and hopefully no one, gets between him and his Udder Tug."

These tugs are made by first running them through a disinfecting cycle in the dishwasher. The dogs, Tony and Sarah all do quality control by testing the product lines for proper essence, seasoning, and fun. The tugs are then finished by adding bungee, rope, handle(s), or leaving them naked. There are both the standard and the bully varieties. Udder Tugs come in all sizes for little dogs, big dogs, fetching dogs, dogs that like to shake and dogs that like to pull.

These tugs are not only good for the environment because they are recycled but 25% of all proceeds goes to the animal rescue organization of your choice.


If used as an interactive toy (one you and your dog play with together), your tug will last many many months. But, like any other toy, if you let your dog use it as a chew toy, it will be destroyed - but, he'll have a blast doing it.

Choosing the correct Udder Tug for your pet.

Step1 - Let us help you select the perfect Udder Tug for your dog.

Click on your size dog.
Large Dogs - Border Colies & Larger
Small to Medium Dogs - Terriers
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Step 2 - Choose which rescue to support

Buy one and...The rescue of your choice receives between 25% and 50%!

The dogs over here seem to have a lot more drive for that toy than the toys we currently have. I don't know what there is about it, but they just love it.
- MWD Kennel Master in Iraq