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Tony's Page

Our Official Toy Tester

Name: MACH Tony Let-me-at-em

Breed: Boston Terrier

Height: 15.5" (jumping 16")

Weight: 21 lbs

Birthday: January 6, 2004

Favorite Sport: Agility!

AKC Titles: MACH, NAP, NJP, OF, Qual NAC 2009, 2010


Theme: Orange Tiger Stripes

Favorite Toy: Tony's Bumper of course!

Favorite Snack: Bully Sticks

Favorite Movie: King Kong

Best Friend: Petey

About Tony and Helping Udders:

"Hi, everybody! My name is Tony Let-me-at-em. If Petey could talk, he would say, I'm his little brother, but I'm MUCH bigger, smarter and stronger than him. Yes, I am so good-looking and ripple with muscles, that all the girl dogs at agility love me. I know because whenever they see me coming, they say something like this in dog speak 'Watch out! Here comes Tony'."

Tony would say, “I'm so very big, that I jump 16" in agility - my favorite sport! Which I do excel at, by-the-way. I started competing when I turned 12 months old, and now, I have a bunch of fancy titles including Master Agility Champion (MACH). In fact, I have earned my Masters Excellent Agility and Masters Excellent Jumpers titles in AKC. I have also qualified for AKC National Agility Championship Competition in 2009 AND 2010! Here is a picture:

I also love, love, love to run after balls or my Tony's Bumper (named after ME of course). That's my job here at Helping Udders. Mom says I'm the official toy tester! It is the most important job here.

Even though I'm obviously the smartest, best-looking, and most adored dog in this household, Petey is always throwing it up in my face that he is a "rescue" like that makes him better than ME - yah, RIGHT! I know that I was just a lucky dog to never have been lost or abused by anybody and that I have a loving family. We dogs should try to be little more understanding and less selfish. Who me? Selfish?"

So says Tony, “Let Me At Em”

Tony Flips Out!


Tony Goes to school

Tony turns Two!

The dogs over here seem to have a lot more drive for that toy than the toys we currently have. I don't know what there is about it, but they just love it.
- MWD Kennel Master in Iraq