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  1. You can receive a donation from anyone who makes a purchase at our website
    whether they got here by clicking on a Helping Udders link on your website or not. For example, if someone finds this site through a search engine and buys something, they can direct their donation to any rescue on "The List". See Terms and Conditions for Donation process.

  2. We donate 10% to 50% of EVERY sale to rescue as shown for each Product on the site.
    Others only pay when someone has clicked on your affiliate link to get there.

  3. We donate the HIGHEST PERCENTAGES from Udder Tugs.

  4. Some competitors make up for any donation they give rescues with high shipping and handling costs or higher prices.

  5. WHY? Because we are a dedicated, small private operation, not a big company.
    Helpingudders.com has been supporting rescues through donations since 2004.
STEP 1:   Fill out and submit the form below.

STEP 2:  
Have your webmaster go to www.helpingudders.com/affiliates.aspx to get a Helping Udders link to put on your website. 
You must link to us to get on the list and receive donations.

STEP 3:  
Email me at admin@helpingudders.com with a link to where you put our link.


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