What to feed a dog with Cancer ?

by General Information

The general rule of thumb in a cancer-fighting diet is: Low carbs and High Omega-3 fatty acids. Cancer cells thrive on carbohydrates, so we do not include them in the diet - carbs are our enemies. Fatty acids nourish the dog rather than the cancer - they are our friends.

With that being said, stick to a no grain diet, EVO, Orijen, Wellness Core, Canidae, and Artemis all make fantastic no grain dry and wet food.

You can also opt for Raw feeding, where you can completely control what your dog takes in by mixing the the proper supplements, vitamins and Minerals with the food to help fight cancer and pro-long your loved ones life. 

The best thing to do is to educate yourself and to talk to a vet cancer. Just keep in mind a positive diagnosis doesn't have to mean the end. Their's many steps you can take to pro-long your dogs live and give him the quality of life they deserve.

This article was published on Monday, December 27, 2010