Treating Cancer and Preventing Cancer in Pets

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As an alternative medial practitioner, I am often asked to treat cancer, generally in the advanced stages and as a last resort.  The first order of treatment in any cancer case is to get past the diagnosis and the associated fear. Most of my patients have already tried the allopathic approach and have been given their diagnosis and prognosis. The prognosis is a big part of the problem. Once an end date is set, it becomes a self -fulfilling proficy.  I try never to give a prognosis as to length of life for this very reason.  The prognosis comes from and is based on the results of allopathic treatment. After, over 50 years of the allopathic war on cancer, cancer for the most part still wins. The conventional medical wisdom seeks early detection which of course makes sense, but the treatment has changed much since the inception of cancer therapy: surgery and extremely toxic drug treatment.  With homeopathic treatment, we are almost charting new territory and prognosis for the most part is open ended.  I recently discovered a book by a Chicago homeopath who practiced in the mid 1900's.. he is reporting that the homeopaths of that time had a cancer cure rate of of up to 75%.  This is astonishing to me.. why isn't this common knowledge? 

The second step in cancer treatment is to change the way you view illness and disease.  Cancer is a whole body disease, removing the "tumor" is only rarely successful as it doesn't address the underlying imbalance that is present throughout the body. Homeopaths view disease as a mistunement in the vital force of the body.. this is the self healing force of the body.  All disease is the result of this mistunement: bacteria, virus, cancer, etc, only exist because the vital force has become deranged.  This is the real difference between allopathic (conventional medicine) and homeopathy.  Conventional medicine wages a war on bacteria, virus, cancer tissue with drugs aimed at killing these organisms or cells, often with toxic chemicals. These toxic chemicals often leave the patient sick and weak and more ill than before he started treatment. Homeopathy looks at what went wrong with the self healing properties of the body and seeks to correct it, through the use of gentle, non-toxic substance called remedies.  

I have many clients who are under the misguided impression that because we say homeopathy is gentle medicine, that it is not strong enough to effectively treat cancer.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  When we say gentle we mean that remedies cure without the side effects seen in conventional drug treatment: no vomiting, hairloss, nausea, etc.  There is a just a steady lessening of the disease symptoms as the body returns to health.

There are generally two types of animals who get cancer. Those that have been sick in the past and recieved allopathic treatment that suppressed their symptoms and those that have  never been sick from the allopathic standpoint. They have never had diarrhea, spiked a fever, had skin disease etc.. because their vital force has been too weak to mount a good immune response. 

The first type, the ones who have shown symptoms of illness throughtout their lifetime, are the ones that are easier to treat. In homeopathy, we look at the symptom pattern an animal has shown, at his/her personality, to choose a remedy that most closely fits the entire case.  The more unusual the symptoms, the easier the case is to treat.

The second type of patient, the one who has never shown strong symptoms of illness is much more difficult to treat as there are no symptoms to guide us, only a tumor and general symptoms of such. There is no book to look and see bone cancer.. and get a list of treatments.  We have to ferret out the little nuances that make this animal's cancer different from every other animal's cancer to find the remedy that may work.  Allopathic medicine simply uses a shotgun approach, every animal with a particular type of cancer, recieves the same treatment. 

The other thing I want you to understand is that there is no miracle when it comes to treating cancer.  If you search on line, you will find thousands of companies promising the cure to cancer and all of them willing to take your money.  Some of these products are helpful and some are not.   Cancer is an endstage disease. This doesn't mean it isn't curable, what it means is the body is morbidly mistuned.. or severaly compromised by the time a cancer arises. It takes time and patience to heal a body that is so sick.

There are three ways a tumor can heal: it can be reabsorbed by the body, it can shrink and scar down into a little knot or it can discharge. This is where the allopathic doctors have difficulty, as we were never, ever taught how the body heals itself. We were taught pathology, how the body breaks down.  So, often times allopathic veterinarians misunderstand the sequence of events involved in healing a tumor and they euthansize the animal.  For instance, one of the first cancer cases I treated was a cat with mammary cancer. She had tumors throughout her mammary chain. The largest mass was the size of a lemon. She was very thin and had a poor haircoat. The characteristic thing about her masses was a purple discoloration to the skin overlying the tumors. I gave a remedy that fit that symptom picture.  When the cat returned for follow-up 4 months later, the largest tumor was a necrotic mass of foul smelling pus. At this point, most allopathic veterinarians would assume that the case was beyond help and would euthanise the animal. But, this cat had gained weight, had more energy, and her hair coat was once again shiney. So, we cleaned the wound, repeated the remedy and sent her home.  When she  returned for a check-up several months later, she was a happy cat with good appetite and of normal  weight. All that was left of the tumors were a few small hard lumps. So, the pus that we saw, was recognized for what it was, the result of the death of the tumor and therapy was continued. 

Once you make the decision to treat your pet homeopathically in such a case, follow-up is so very important. It is the only way we can truly monitor the progress of the case and make rational decisions as to ongoing treatment. 

Preventing Cancer

Preventing cancer is probably easier than curing it.

1. Diet: Our companion animals need to eat a nutritious, fresh, whole food diet apppropriate for their species.  Dried, kibbled diets should be avoided in both dogs and cats whenever possible as these diets are in direct opposition to what a animal would consume in the wild.  These diets were designed for the convenience of the owner and the profit of the pet food manufacturer, not for the health of the pet.  

2. Vaccines:  I cannot stress this point enough.. adult animals do not need repeat vaccines on an annual basis. Repeated vaccination contributes to immune disfunction contributing to a wide variety of illnesses including: cancer, autoimmune disease, pancreatitis, diabetes, cushings, etc, etc, etc.  This information is based on scientific studies conducted over 10 years ago. 

3. Homeopathy:  if an animal is treated from birth according to homeopathic principles using homeopathic remedies instead of drug therapy, their vital force will remain healthier longer and make cancer less likely. The rampant use of suppressive medications in conventional medicine, prednisone, atopica, antibiotics, etc, weaken the body and lead to more serious disease and shorten the life span of the patient.

These three simple steps can help your pet to live a long and healthy life into his golden years.

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This article was published on Wednesday, March 17, 2010